Panama; A Legendary Hat par Martine Buchet

August 22, 2019

Panama; A Legendary Hat par Martine Buchet

Titre de livre: Panama; A Legendary Hat

Auteur: Martine Buchet

ISBN: 2843236029

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Martine Buchet avec Panama; A Legendary Hat

"A book that pays a well-deserved homage to the Panama. It is beautifully done and perfectly illustrated." Vogue Hommes. Since the 19th Century, the Panama has been a symbol of elegance. Now it has finally been given its own book. From Roosevelt to Churchill, Napoleon to the Duke of Windsor, the Panama hat has been donned by some of the world's most distinguished people. In the process, the "myth of the Panama" was created. Taking us beyond the myth, this volume offers for the first time an examination of the hat's remarkable history, production process, and variety of shapes, evoking all the while the grace of living of its country of origin: Ecuador. Panama seeks to pay a fitting tribute to the "aristocrat of straw hats."